The Conference Management System (CMS)
and Its Web Site

So, you are the next program chair!  Where on earth do you begin?

The CMS is tailored to assist organizations and their program chairs to consistently produce outstanding conferences.  A major key to success is careful management and processing of program data.  When these are coupled with web-based paperless paper and proposal submission, a paperless review process and the automated ability to prepare conference documents, such as the Program, and  the ability to effectively communicate with conference participants, the program chair's responsibilities can be easily met.

This web site is authored by Albert E. Avery, who can be reached at 410-529-0905 or e-mailed via  The authoring was entirely accomplished by the Conference Management System (CMS) software; and it was produced nearly instantly from the CMS database for this professional meeting. 

The CMS is a comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) for conference data management that:

If you have been selected as the program chairperson for a professional academic meeting, the perceived success of the year for your organization depends on the quality of the program you bring to fruition.   Whether a chair for a national conference or a regional conference, the tasks ahead are daunting, in absence of conference chairmanship experience.   For those with experience, the task is still not easy.

Those with a successful experience as a program chair know how important it is to seek out the resources and help needed for the large set of tasks ahead.   I have helped more than 61 program chairs produce great regional and national meetings.   I can help you with yours.  Together, we can hit the target with excellence.  Call or e-mail to learn more.

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